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Mieko Sakaguchi

Mieko Sakaguchi is President of FB Palette,

Meister Instructor at Hana Ami Flower Design School, and Director of the Japan Preserved Flower Certification Association. In addition to running a flower school, she also participates actively in collaborations with other industries to create displays and products using flowers and colors. She plans and teaches ways to use flower design to show the beauty inherent in the colors and shapes of flowers in order to enjoy life more.

She is the author of many books.


mieko sakaguchi
Floral Color Palette

Floral Color Palette:

Innovative color combinations for flower arranging.

International Edition

Worldwide Distributed

  • เรียนจัดดอกไม้ด้วยทฤษฎีสี


Video Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGUto5krABo&t=1s


It’s a great honor to have joined in organizing a special class with Mieko Sakaguchi, a world-famous flower arranger. Techniques for using colors and shapes have elevated flower arrangements, creating works that leave a lasting impression. Learning how colors influence thoughts and feelings makes us realize the power of color and arrangement in shaping emotional experiences.

Studying with Mr. Sakaguchi not only deepens our understanding of flower arranging but also enhances our communication skills through the use of colors and shapes. With every flower we pick, we remember the tips and techniques learned, enabling us to create work that is both meaningful and beautiful.

Elevate Your Floral Artistry with a Masterclass by Mieko Sakagguchi, World-Renowned Floral Designer

🌸 Unlock the Secrets of Floral Design with a World-Class Expert 🌸

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to learn advanced floral design techniques from Mieko Sakagguchi, a globally acclaimed floral artist. Discover the secrets behind her captivating use of color and form to create unforgettable floral arrangements that evoke emotion and inspire awe.

What You’ll Experience

  • Exclusive Techniques: Learn advanced floral design techniques not taught anywhere else.
  • The Power of Color: Uncover the hidden language of color and its impact on emotions.
  • Inspiration: Be inspired by a world-renowned floral artist and her creative process.
  • Community: Connect with fellow floral enthusiasts and share your passion.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Elevate your floral artistry and transform your perspective on floral design.

Click: Flower Studio Bkk

Limited seats available!

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